iFi nano iDSD BL - Headphone Amp/DAC

iFi nano iDSD BL - Headphone Amp/DAC

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The nano iDSD Black Label, with its Hi-Res DNA and crystal-clear sound, brings your headphone listening experience to a whole new level.

Perfectly balanced. 
The nano iDSD Black Label is a powerful piece of kit.

It’s six times more powerful than an iPhone, drives almost any set of headphones and with up to ten hours of battery life, makes listening on the go stress-free.

And with its advanced engineering and balanced wiring, it’s ideal for single or balanced earphones alike.

The tech spec 
The nano iDSD Black Label has two other iFi products built in:

  • The iPurifier – To isolate sound and deliver clean, quality music,
  • The iEMatch – To attenuate high-powered earphones and sensitive in-ear monitors

They take away hiss, buzz and distortion and provide studio-quality audio.

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